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*Why are poor people poor ?

By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi

Why are poor people poor ? What efforts have they done to get out of their poverty is what I ask them when I meet them!*

This question, a trifle misguided and patronising by a well wisher on Facebook, prompted the following!

Friend! That's a pretty tough question and if I may say rather patronizing and perhaps even cruel.

I'm not sure if you've experienced real and abject poverty.

Neither have I.

But I've been bankrupt twice. Had occasions when I couldn't even buy a loaf of bread or even my $1.79 Tim Hortons Medium black. Or pay rent on time. Or put gas in the Car. Or pay bills on time.

But never the debilitating phenomenon of abject poverty.

The kind where there is no hope, no support, no money, just an endless cycle of hunger and a desperate battle to simply exist and get through the day. No friends or family to help. No skills and experience. No education.

Just a life of total exploitation and misery.  And unbelievable financial debt. …

Gen.Raheel Sharif, President Trump and Pakistan's humiliation in Riyadh

By Haider Mehdi.

In an indirect way, Gen. Raheel, by becoming an employee of Mohammed Bin Salman and the Al Saud, has further reinforced the Saudis traditional view of Pakistan and Pakistanis.

To them we were always hired hands, inferior people, slaves, laborers and beggars. Always, "Miskeen".

Saudi men were till recently, forbidden to marry Pakistani women!

Boasted the Saudi Prince AL Waleed Bin Talal that, our current PM Nawaz Sharif, "is our man in Pakistan".

But never had they captured a prize trophy, as important as that of the Head of Pakistan's iconic and arguably, most respected institution, the Pakistan Army.

Even during Gen. Zia's days with our military contingents in Saudi Arabia, the relationship was one of respect. In fact Gen. Zia rejected outright and bluntly a Saudi request to only send Sunni troops and officers.

But then in 2017, we had the great honour of a former Army Chief joining the long ranks of employees of the House of Al Saud!


The Trumpeter in Riyadh!

By Haider Mehdi

Trump's visit and speech, in my opinion, sounded like the final nail in the Al Saud Coffin.

It was embarrassing, to say the least, watching him preach to the leaders of the so called "Islamic" World about "Islamic Extremism" and "Islamic Terrorism". Words he used throughout his Presidential campaign to slander Islam and the Muslim world, followed by his infamous 6 country Visa ban!

And now, thanks to King Salman and Mohammed bin Salman, today we had the great pleasure of seeing and hearing the leader of a country, responsible for over 4 million deaths in the Middle East and South Asia, slapping each leader of the Muslim world with these insults. Insults couched in flowery barbs!

And they all sat like sheep.

Dumb, deaf and squirming, some lucky ones dozing off, listening to this megalomaniac's verbal abuse!

How ironic, standing in the heartland of Islam, The Trumpeter lauds the Saudis, the prime fountainhead of terrorist thought, t…

Kulbashan -ICJ -& Nawaz Sharif. Part 4

By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi.

So, as expected, either through a series of incredibly incompetent actions or active and deliberate connivance with India, Pakistan failed in convincing the ICJ, that it had no jurisdiction, after having updated a freshly submitted "declaration" to the ICJ on 29 March 2017, accepting their "compulsory" jurisdiction.

And so the ICJ gave immediate relief to India and stayed Yadav's execution.

Khawaja Aamer Raza, Khawaja Saad Rafiq's first cousin and a former VP of PMLN, with very close political ties to PM Nawaz and CM Shahbaz, having served as spokesman to both, has raised the following questions, earlier today.

1. Why did Pakistan not appoint ad hoc judge which we had a right to?

2. Why did we choose a lawyer who has not a single int law case reported from the U.K. Supreme Court?

3. Why did the FO not take legal advice before writing letters?

4. Why did Pakistan choose a London QC who is Qatar based?

5. Why did we send a first ye…

Kulbashan Case and The ICJ - Part 3. A bombshell!

By Haider Mehdi.

It gets curioser and curioser. And, God Forbid, of an extremely tragic and high handed conspiracy at the highest levels of our Government!

Pakistan filed a declaration in the United Nations, submitted by Dr. Maleeha Lodhi, accepting the International Court of Justice's compulsory jurisdiction on all cases brought by or against Pakistan.

Pakistan being one of 72 Countries which has filed this declaration. India has also filed a similar declaration.

But theirs a big difference.

India filed theirs in 1974.

Pakistan filed theirs on 29th March, 2017. A few days before Kulbashan was sentenced to death in Pakistan.

By submitting this declaration Pakistan has accepted the "compulsory jurisdiction" of the International Court of Justice.

So If this isn't doesnt stink of a conspiracy to get Kulbashan freed, than Altaf Hussain must be Pakistan's Greatest Patriot!

Some questions.

1. While the declaration does specify conditions to the compulsory jurisdiction…

Kulbashan and ICJ -The Case. Part 2.

By Haider Mehdi

It appears that somehow Kulbashan's  signed letter to the Indian Government, seeking ICJ Intervention, reached India.

Having researched some more and consulted some legal minds. Here's what it looks like in summary.

1. ICJ Jurisdiction is only based on consent of both parties. The key principle is that the Court only has jurisdiction on the basis of consent. The court has no true compulsory jurisdiction.

2. Unless under another treaty, multilateral or bilateral, the two nations have accepted ICJ'S jurisdiction on a particular issue or those covered by the treaty. Don't know if Kulbashan's case falls under this clause!

3. India has moved their case on the basis of *"Diplomatic protection"*, explained below.

"........In international law, diplomatic protection (or diplomatic espousal) is a means for a State to take diplomatic and other action against another State on behalf of its national whose rights and interests have been injured b…

The Kulbashan case in the ICJ & The Court Rules of Procedures.

By Haider Mehdi.

Short and Sweet!

The ICJ will not hear a
case, if the state against whom a case is filed, does not accept ICJ's jurisdiction.

Clearly, Pakistan consented, hence proceedings commenced.

The Big question.

Why did Pakistan formally "consent" to ICJ'S jurisdiction in this case?

Here's the operating rule extracted from their rules of business.

 *It shall not however be entered in the General List, nor any action be taken in the proceedings, unless and until the State against which such application is made consents to the Court's jurisdiction for the purposes of the case*

Clearly Pakistan accepted the ICJ's jurisdiction in this case after receiving the formal complaint from the ICJ, which was filed by India.

The question is.

*2.  Who granted this consent?*

*Certainly this cannot be anybody else other than our very own patriotic PM, Nawaz Sharif.*

The second question and perhaps a much bigger question.

*2. Why did PM Nawaz accord this consent t…

The Settlement

"The Settlement"
By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi.

*"...... Moral cowardice is fear of upholding the good because it is good, and fear of opposing the evil because it is evil. Moral cowardice is the necessary consequence of discarding morality as inconsequential. It is the common symptom of all intellectual appeasers....."*

So finally it's "Settled".

A "settlement" between two Kings, between two highly privileged and un touchable  institutions, between two forces, one teetering at the brink of immorality and questionable ethics, the other wallowing in the filth of unethical and moral degradation.

This perspective is not about who was or is right in the infamous Dawn Leaks.

It is not about whether it was Maryam Safdar who leaked it, or told Zafar Abbas that she authenticates the news on behalf of the PM. In fact it is also not about the PM himself who allegedly ordered the "hit" on the Army.

Its also not about poor Maj. Gen.Ghafoor who &q…

On Iranian Maj. Gen. Mohammed Baqeri's threat to Pakistan and Iranian internal politics

By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi.

The unprecedented threat to Pakistan by Maj. Gen Mohammed Baqeri, the Chief of General Staff of the Iranian Army is a serious one. It has opened another negative chapter in the relationship between the two countries, going back to the Afghanistan civil war of the 90's.

It was then that both countries found themselves on opposite sides of the Conflict.

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia supporting the predominantly Sunni and pashtun warlords, at that time lead by Gulbadin Hekmatyar and Abdul Rasool Sayyaf, and later the Taliban.

Iran supporting the predominantly non Pashtun, Shia Northern Alliance or United  Front, lead by the Lion of Panjshir, Ahmad Shah Massoud, a Tajik Sunni.

The ties further deteriorated when under US and Saudi pressure, Pakistan cut off economic ties with Iran, during the economic sanctions imposed against Iran.

This lead to the cancellation of work on the gas pipeline, the electricity import from Iran and extremely cheap oil offers from a…

Welcome to The Islamic Republic of Vested Interests of Pakistan -Dawn Leaks, Gen. Bajwa and PM Nawaz. Part 2

By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi

Nawaz's ability to hang on is driven by external support and the acceptance of a perception by the USA and their South Asian proxy partner, India, that he is the sole option available to them to advocate peace with India and Afghanistan, but it's this "Rogue" Army that dents and checkmates his efforts towards better relations.

Reinforcing this perception in the USA and India are countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the Gulf States. For all of them Nawaz is a much more benign option, irrespective of his corruption and incompetence and the dangers he poses to Pakistan, because he serves their national interests more than Pakistan's, primarily geo political and economic.

Iran is a mixed bag. Still struggling to survive and reaching out to all who support their position. In that process their reach out to India has significantly dented their equity in Pakistan. In this they will have to make a clear choice, at least for now, between Paki…