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Dawn Leaks, Panamagate.....and the Army? - An open letter to Gen. Bajwa.

By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi.

There's an ominous rumbling of dark clouds,  if there is any truth in the noise one is hearing of the Army's involvement in any form or shape to save Nawaz Sharif.

If there is even the slightest possibility of even a tiny arrangement between the Army leadership and Nawaz Sharif, then the portents are very very dark and perhaps the start of the "Mother of all Crisis's" in Pakistan.

I say "If" because the chatter is very threatening and yet there may not be any truth in this chatter.

Gen. Bajwa please remember that "public perception" about an issue as volatile as this, is far more damaging than the actual "truth", however wrong this perception may be.

I say "if" because in this "if" is the ever growing mushroom cloud of a massive rumour of nuclear proportions, taking the country by storm.

And unfortunately it's not a very charitable rumour for the Army.

Gen. Bajwa, you have so far be…

Panamagate Judgement. Iss humaan may Subb Nungay haen. Kal bhee... aur Aaj bhee.

By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi.
Like many Pakistanis,  the last few days for me have also been about the Panamagate Judgement and how people like Nawaz and Zardari have continued to survive. 
And how as a society in our helplessness, we look askance at the Army for redressal.
But then the most obvious dawned. 
If Nawaz and Benazir and Zardari could survive a full blue blooded coup by an Army General there's nothing really that can defeat them.
That the entire system in Pakistan, is overwhelmingly corrupt, extraordinarily powerful and biased in their favor.
A senior officer recently told me that the Army prefers Nawaz over Imran because  he's very pliant and much easier to handle as compared to Imran. The reason being the muck they've got on Nawaz and his family. 
So Nawaz is happy, that as long as the Army doesn't interefere in his business and corruption and in a worse case scenario doesnt overthrow him again, they can do what they want, Foreign policy etc. A State within…

Mashal's murder -Pakistan's slide into hatred and a mob psychology mindset

by Syed Haider Raza Mehdi

Mashal's terrible and horrific murder in Mardan is another indication of how Pakistanis, since 1980, have been brainwashed by an obscurantist and extremist thought fuelled by petrodollars.

How given the slightest provocation, these young men, supposedly educated, supposedly in University, supposedly more "educated" and more "aware" than those in Madrassas, who we blame so readily, can drop all pretensions of humanity and become a bunch of hyenas, tearing away at a dead carcass.

How educated lawyers and judges and urban society educated professionals, can eulogize Qadri the murderer, to sainthood.

How these purveyors of this evil use the Sacred Name of our Prophet PBUH and Islam to justify such barbarism.

How the use of highly controversial Blasphemy laws as instruments of legal punishment, promote lynch mob justice.

How we saw a TV anchor in 2011, pilloring then the late Governor Salman Taseer, showcasing his position as being "…

A blueprint for Gen. Raheel Sharif for the Saudi Military Anti Terror Coalition - IMAFT.

By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi.

Despite my serious reservations about IMAFT and Gen. Raheel's role, if the die is cast, here's some unsolicited advice for Gen. Raheel.

Gen. Raheel, four fundamental factors will drive coherence in developing a narrative to bring Saudi Arabia and Iran, closer .

1. The biggest enemy both face is Daesh. Not each other.  This is the fundamental issue on which there can be convergence of each country's national interests.

 Therefore Gen. Raheel can align both countries to ensure that IMAFT must fight DAESH as its #1 enemy.

2. The grave danger is that a post Assad Syria will likely fall into DAESH hands. DAESH will get rid of the so called "Rebels" in short order.

Syria in the hands of Daesh will be catastrophic for both Saudi Arabia and Iran and lead to massive instability especially within Saudi Arabia, and heightened conflict in the Region which will engulf Iran and others.

Hence Saudis must not play into the hands of the Trump administr…

The Case for Imran Khan!

By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi.

Only in a country and society as schizophrenic as Pakistan can two of its most corrupt politicians, occupy it's highest political and executive offices.

President Asif Zardari, is a phrase, which still jars and send shivers down most spines (where they exist).

The other phrase "Thrice elected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif" is like a heroin fix, making the addicts oblivious to the rabid destruction to their body, mind and spirit.

Both Nawaz and Zardari and their cronies and families, are corrupt, criminal and very dangerous. This despite the fact that kangaroo courts judged, and let them go scot free in the past.  Themselves, mere handmaidens and mistresses.

They are dangerous because they are willing to compromise national interests and sell out to foreign powers.

Nawaz sold out to India to further his business empire and collar the Army and Zardari to the USA to strengthen his power and in return defang our nuclear arsenal and also collar the A…

The Ummah Part 1 - Saudi Iranian relationship and the Islamic Coalition & Raheel

By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi.

The prime issues between Iran and Saudi Arabia stem from the existential threat the Al Saud family fears from an Islamist Iranian clergy in power and vice versa. The former stemming from a rise in Saudi Islamists desire to oust the AL Saud, inspired by the manner in which the Shah of Iran was ousted.

This dominant desire by the Al Saud ruling family's to retain its stranglehold as a family monarchy on the land currently called Saudi Arabia, overrides all other considerations.

Iran realizes that till the Al Saud are in power there cannot be hope of a rapprochement between the two countries. And from the beginning of the Iranian Revolution, Iran has attempted to export it's revolutionary Islamic thought into the primarily Shia majority Eastern provinces of Saudi Arabia,  and other countries such as Pakistan. And this started a full scale proxy war fuelled by the Russian invasion of Afghanistan with Pakistan and Afghanistan at the epicenter.

The two co…