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The Panamagate Judgement. Another open letter to the Supreme Court bench.

The Panamagate Judgement.
Another open letter to the Supreme Court bench.

By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi.

Dear Lordships,

Thank you for hearing this case and keeping the nation engaged, these past two months.

Today most Pakistanis, barring some who recently left post haste for the UK, including First Daughter, and dear First Father recently in Turkey, look askance at two institutions. The Supreme court, specifically Your lordships and that "Saviour of the last resort" the Pakistan Army, to somehow initiate the process of getting this poor country, back on track.

Not the Red Line track or Green line track or the Metro track or Orange train track, or the Motorway track or the many other tracks representing the loot, plunder, pillage and corruption that has beset this wretched land.

But the track of accountability, honesty, meritocracy, competence, equitable access to safety of life, property, health care, education and jobs and all other opportunities.

The track of tolerance and …

The Lahore Tragedy -13 Feb 17- Nothing will change until the 'Thought' is choked

By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi

My heart bleeds for the innocent dead and injured. Victims of an insanity which has gripped Muslims all across the globe and not just Pakistan.

What do you expect when billions of dollars are used to indoctrinate impressionable minds with religious texts which are distorted, misinterpreted, taken out of context to suit a particular version of the faith?

How do you undo the madness which in our recent history started in 1975 and is still ongoing?

How do you tell this teeming mass of unemployed, poverty stricken, exploited and desperate humanity in Pakistan that they have a better future?

What a tragic comedy that we have "deradicalization" centers in Fata and KPK which "deradicalize former terrorists" and then we let them back into a highly radicalized society?

Our salvation lies in addressing this challenge on many fronts.

One is clearly better governance which provides hope and succor to the deprived and exploited who fall easy victim an…