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Gen. Bajwa's 6th September Speech was really a "Message!"

Syed Haider Raza Mehdi

It was one fine policy statements from an Army Chief in recent times.

Simple, straightforward with no ifs and buts. No complex verbosity.  Just the plain simple truth, by a man who clearly speaks from the heart, announcing Pakistan's position on key issues.

1. The Armed forces will fully support the State and all its institutions.

2. The world’s crocodile tears on fighting terror are hypocritical. If the world (read Mr. Trump) says we have not done enough, then really nobody has done anything. It is now their turn  to "Do More."

3.  India will not be allowed to use international public opinion to continue to subvert Pakistan in Balochistan and any attempts will be responded to with an iron fist.

4. While the Armed forces can defeat terrorism militarily, it is the Nation which has to collectively defeat it intellectually and ideologically.

5. No non state actor has the right to arrogate to itself the right to initiate armed action and or launch Jih…

The 2017 BRICS Summit announcement on Terrorism. A brief comment.

Syed Haider Raza Mehdi.

In my view the BRICS announcement is actually an announcement of a change in Pakistan’s policy vis a via the Jihadis especially LeT and JeM which have the potential of stumbling Pakistan and India into a military conflict.

Here's the actual clause numbered 48 of the 71 Clause declaration available at BRICS 2017 SUMMIT DECLARATION

*48. We, in this regard, express concern on the security situation in the region and violence caused by the Taliban, ISIL/DAISH, Al-Qaida and its affiliates including Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement, Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, the Haqqani network, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad, TTP and Hizb ut-Tahrir.*

I'm fairly certain that China and Pakistan were aligned on this text prior to the announcement.

And to me, it appears the rationale is simple.

For China it is imperative that her OBOR project and CPEC are not put at risk under any circumstances.

All militant organizations named in the announcement have the potential…

Trumpistan! The Trumpeter’s policy on Afghanistan is really their Policy on China.

By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi

My late father, Col S.G. Mehdi M.C, would oft say. “Understanding a country’s history, especially events in the recent past and a Map is all one needs to understand their national interests, strategies and tactics.

The USA has no intentions of leaving Afghanistan ever unless it’s like the last soldier clinging onto a helicopter lifting off from the rooftop of the USA embassy in Saigon. This is a bold assessment based on what drives their national interests.

Picture this.  In the last 30 years the USA, both Democrat and Republican administrations, have  waged 13 wars, intervened in over 100 countries, spent over $14 Trillion, of this $1 Trillion alone in Afghanistan and caused 3 million deaths.  2 million in Afghanistan and 1 million in Iraq. Their own casualties. Barely 7000 of their own.  A ratio of 1 to 400. Does this look like a country which will leave Afghanistan?

Why does the USA do this? Why do they wage war all over the world? To answer this in det…

Alice Wells visit to Pakistan- Say No to meeting her, Mr. PM & Gen. Bajwa

26th August, 2017
-Haider Mehdi.

The American State department has just announced that Alice Wells, Acting Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs and Acting Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan will be visiting Pakistan to apprise us of the details of American policy on Afghanistan and Pakistan.  She's also scheduled to visit Afghanistan.

This visit is in the background of President Trump's policy speech on Afghanistan in which he threatened Pakistan to stop providing safe havens to what he termed are  "terrorists" and failing which Pakistan will face serious consequences.  He also invited India to play a major role in Afghanistan, a massive red flag to Pakistan. I will write in more detail on this policy and the factors driving Trump and the USA to adopt, in fact continue this terribly flawed and misguided and ill advised approach.

But on the visit.

Pakistan must send very strong signals to the USA. This visit must be treate…

The Sharifs of Ram Gully day Naal Aali Gully Or From Ram Gully to Raiwind

This is a harsh narration about the Sharif's and how they became so rich and powerful from their humble origins in Ram Gully to their  ugly pretentiousness of Raiwind.

This is based on narrations from people who have known the family from the time they came to Pakistan, from people who know them well, both civilian and military and what is now available on public record. I am merely narrating what I have heard.

Nawaz Sharif's dad was known by many names.

First as  "Mian duaani aala" because he used to bribe the peons outside the government offices with a "Two Anna Coin" Duaani as we called it, a square coin with rounded edges. Then as "Mian Uthanni" bribing junior clerks with the eight Anna coin. Then "Mian Gutter Chor" as they would buy back the "gutter covers" from the legions of young boys they paid to steal the gutters they themselves supplied to Lahore Municipality.

The above and some of the later mentioned early history…

Pakistan's real tragedy - A short note.

By Haider Mehdi.

Pakistan's real tragedy are those amongst us, the educated and the well informed who, despite everything, defend this terribly evil man, Nawaz and his version of democracy and the terrible system he and Zardari and the likes of Dar represent. Perhaps even worse are those who remain silent. As said Edmund Burke. "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men (women) to do nothing! This to me, is our tragedy. Those with eyes which cannot see.
Those with ears which cannot hear.
Those with minds which cannot think.
Those with a conscience, now long dead. This is our tragedy. Our tragedy is not the tens of thousands of illiterates who flocked to listen to Nawaz's "Mujhay kiyun Nikala", but the consciously dead amongst us. Those who know. It is they who we will hold responsible if a terrible fate befalls us. Because it is they who knowingly and consciously defended a criminal and a terrible system for their own personal, self centered,…

If wishes were horses, beggars would be....

By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi

I think it's getting close to one Qabar and two bodies.

Nawaz's aim is political martyrdom. As long as he controls the party he will continue to create chaos.
But, as history tells us, this great land of Punjab knows which side of the paratha has more ghee. And with each passing day as the power struggles between the brothers Sharifs and other groups within PMLN  intensify we will see his grip loosening. This will make Nawaz and especially Princess Tubelight Maryam Safdar, even more desperate and they will resort to desperate measures.

To understand Nawaz one only has to recall his instructions to Sohail Zia Butt many years ago.
Butt saheb Thoray jeean golian sholian....thay Thora jiaa khoon kharrapa! Therefore, I have a feeling of great disquiet. A sense of, God Forbid, a major urban terrorist attack and or some highly potent acts of violence. Perhaps even attempts at assassinations. These could be across, political, ethnic, sectarian and religious…

Husain Haqqani and his latest piece on Nawaz's disqualification in the Indian Newspaper, The Hindu!

By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi.

I must start with an apology because this is a very harsh indictment of Husain Haqqani.

It is harsh because he has caused and continues to cause immense harm and damage to Pakistan through his narratives.

In some macabre way, which only makes sense to really evil but brilliant minds or to serial murderers, he probably relishes this notorious reputation as he has gleefully expressed in the past.

He continues to attack Pakistan, as an Indian lobbyist would or an extreme right wing BJP or RSS satrap would. And he does it through his powerful pen.

And that is why he's so dangerous because he lures the reader into his web through his brilliant intellect and powerful pen and once in, people believe what he says.

This they do as he weaves an evil tapestry of incredible poison, interspersed with half truths and some facts to make them appear believable.

I would  read what he writes with as open a heart and mind, as I do others who I also disagree with, if only …

Why the 5 member Bench used ROPA to disqualify Nawaz?

Syed Haider Raza Mehdi

Here's my view.

I think the Judges have given a historical judgement which will destroy the sleep of the corrupt for generations because it will now be used as a legal precedent for similar cases of misrepresenting assets.

Since the judgement I spoke to a few lawyers, two retired judges, a serving high court judge and a former member of the election commission.

The upshot is as follows.

The case addresses a legal clause around ROPA (Representation of Public office act on corrupt practices) and the filing of the return of personal assets by aspirants to legislature seats alongwith their nomination papers to the election commission.

This was never taken seriously and people would file them.  But rarely was a person disqualified at the time of submission because the EC didn't / probably still doesn't, had and have the time or resources to scrutinize these returns.

Neither were these details actively pursued, especially if you happened to belong to a …

The Uggar...Mugger...Shuggar Crowd!

By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi

I've seen some of the craziest written and verbal gymnasts and contortionists in action today.
Ive seen arguments ranging from people who just can't accept that we've done something unthinkable in Pakistan. Something that seemed like this beautiful dream to this lottery that we finally won!

We've finally caught one of the two biggest rats, crooks, thieves and criminals in our history.
Hopefully and Insha Allah, the come uppance and judgement of the other Rat is not far off.
"But what about the accountability of "Generals and Judges and Sain Khan and the milk man and my neighbours dog?" say these people. And what about Imran and General Musharraf and Jehangir Tareen?"

"What about them?"

They will and should be punished, when and if found guilty by the courts. But not kangaroo courts but by courts with Spines like this "Famous Five" or the "Super Six".
And only if you let this continue will the …

Pakistan's Roll of Honour - The Eleven who will never be forgotten

By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi

1. *Justice Asif Saeed Khosa*.
2. *Justice Ejaz Afzal.*
3. *Justice Gulzar Ahmed.*
4. *Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed*
5. *Justice Ijazul Ahsan*
6. *Wajid Zia*. FIA. JIT Head.*
7. *Amer Aziz.* State Bank of Pakistan. JIT Member
8. *Bilal Rasool.*  SECP. JIT member.
9. *Irfan Naeem* Mangi. NAB.  JIT member.
10. *Brig Muhammad Nauman Saeed*. ISI: JIT member.
11. *Brig Kamran Khurshid*: MI :JIT member.

To these brave souls who fought for what is right. Who did what their conscience demanded. Who carved their names on the rocks of   Justice, Integrity, Truth, Honesty. Who demolished evil and dishonesty.  People whose names will forever live in history as those early flames of rule of law in Pakistan.  People who finally broke through the darkness surrounding Pakistan and gave us hope.

The Battle for Pakistan has just started. We must not give up.

And be warned that the enemy within, is devious, powerful, rich and most dangerous, because he is now wounded.

 Nawaz Sha…

Panamagate and what it tells us about ourselves?

By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi
Panamagate and the apartments are symbols of the rot in our society!
They define and manifest the cancer of total corruption, criminality, loot and plunder by Nawaz and Zardari and the system they represent. From our early days till today.
Nawaz, and Zardari before him and all other looters and plunderers, civilian and military, symbolise the complete meltdown of governance, state machinery, meritocracy and the ability of public sector institutions to deliver public service.
They define and symbolise what a system looks like when stuffed with toadies and cronies, who lack both competence and integrity. But most painfully and sadly, Nawaz Sharif and his family symbolise the rot and destruction of individual, familial and societal values in Pakistan.
Here is a person who cheats and tells lies and a very large segment finds it acceptable. Here's a father who makes his children his accomplices in crime and teaches them to cheat and lie. Yes! Teaches them not about…

Our legacy, our democratic credentials and the Storming of the Bastille – 14th July- 1798

By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi 13th July, 2017
In 2008, PPP got 13% of the registered vote, as per the Election Commission statistics which can be checked from their website. This means, a whopping 87% either voted against them or didn’t vote, sick and tired of a terribly corrupt mafia that has ruled this country. I’ll come to military rulers in a short while.
In 2013 election the PMLN got 17% of the registered vote. Again Election commission statistics. And even if one were to accept these highly contentious numbers, still a similar and overwhelming 83% either voted against them or did not vote.
The people of Pakistan, especially the people of Punjab, who constitute 64% of our population and thereby decide who comes into power have very little in the way of a historical spine to stand up to invaders, usurpers, and bandits. Our entire history is replete with an “Ulta Phir” command, offering no resistance, not standing up for our rights, accepting the fiat of external invaders. And worse, the w…