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The Runaway Supreme Court Bench - A shorter version!

A short version about the Dishonourable Supreme Court bench  that ran away
By Haider Mehdi.

Several close friends asked me to write a shorter note on the Supreme Court Bench that ran away.

The longer and much angrier version is at The Supreme Court Bench that Ran away!

 Here it is to honour the request for a short version.

1. Why wasn't the case taken earlier? Why 7 months. And of course those who can, will justify this 7 month long delay.

2. Why fix the first hearing date ONE day before Imran's DHARNA?

3. Why go through the now clearly useless exercise of establishing a 5 member bench, which history will remember as the "Infamous Five" (with apologies to ENID BLYTON) ?

And then going through the farcical motions of hearing evidence, while all long, secretly knowing that they would never be able to fully adjudicate the case.

And why?

Just because of their incredibly important winter vacations in the spirit of Mohammed Shah Rangeela?

Or the even more sinister issue o…

Comparing Gen. Musharraf and Nawaz Sharif

In response to criticism of my piece on the Supreme Court Bench that Ran Away
Haider Mehdi

I did get some brick bats on the Supreme Court article by the "Nawazo-Zardari version of democracy supporters" and asked why I have never offered  comments about Gen. Musharraf's takeover but took the Supreme Court to task on their Panama disaster!.

Here's my perspective.

I think Gen. Musharraf's intervention while constitutionally wrong,  was morally right and in my opinion he should have finished of these rats who are now cutting our throats under the garb of "democracy".

And remember when we close all avenues then we again ask for and or invite military intervention. So thats my take, in short.

Gen. Musharraf was not a crook and a criminal. Nawaz and Zardari are.

And  that's the big difference.

You can technically call Gen. Musharraf a usurper but not in fact.

Nawaz and Zardari on the other hand are usurpers, criminals, corrupt in all ways we know, except,…

The Aleppo Tragedy!

The Aleppo Tragedy
By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi.

Absolutely unbelievable and incredible how the terrible tragedy of Aleppo in Syria, has legitimized DAESH, Al Qaeda & their proxies like Jaish Al Fatah, Jash Al Islam, Jaish Al Shaam & Jubhat Al Nusra, & their supporters,  who've basically committed mass genocide these last several years, as the "Good Guys"!

The power of petrodollars fuelling the tragic human stories on social media joined by Western media to put Russia and Iran on the mat has served its purpose in capturing the narrative and influencing people's opinion.

People, who in their simplicity only see the horrors of children and women caught up in this madness through the powerful but highly  subjective "Optics and Imagery" of impactful, social and electronic media, unfortunately fail to comprehend the terrible power politics and insidious machinations by all parties, which lead up to these heartbreaking tragedies.

And when the Western me…

The Supreme Court Bench that ran away!

The Supreme Court Bench that ran away.

For this dishonourable bench to hide behind a Winter vacation Calender, is as disgraceful, as shameful and as flimsy as Nawaz hiding behind the Qatari Prince's letter.

No shame. No respect.  No pain for the country. No professionalism and above all no ethics, morality and sense of justice.

Everything that this infamous Supreme Court and especially this infamous bench or rather gang of 5 did, is highly questionable.

First lying low, and like Nero and Caligula, power intoxicated and merry making, from April to October, while Pakistan burned.

Then deciding to take on the case and setting the Nov 1st date, for the first hearing, one day before Imran threatens Armageddon.

It stinks.  It stinks all across the Margallas

These actions are an absolute disgrace to their institution and to each individual who was and is part of this infamous bench.

Why on earth would you take on a case, set high expectations and then slink away like rats under the pret…

Victims of our DNA and our Environment

On the favorite pastime of many Muslims and people of other faiths, who judge and label others of different beliefs.

Any belief and faith is the product of our environments and influences.

As we understand more and more the power of the mind, and how, over the years, it is influenced and then develops the billions of neural highways of habits and choices and beliefs, we understand more and more how we are "victims" both of our DNA, which some call the "accident" of birth and the environment which influences us from birth.

The age old "nature and nurture" debate.

In simple words, all of us (mostly) frame and see the world based on our filters and the influences of our environment. Family. Social. Cultural. Workplace. Religion. Sect. Economic etc.

So for example, those in the Muslim world, labeling the Ahmadiyya Muslims as Kafirs, do so because that's all they know.

Likewise, many enlightened amongst us, have strong views about Jews and Hindus, or Shi…