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What to expect from the New Pakistan Army Chief -Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa

Some early views on Gen. Bajwa's selection.

Agreed the Chief's selection is a tough choice for the PM.

Given the fractious civil military relations and the large number of skeletons in the politicians cupboards ( not that there aren't plenty in the military ones) the prime consideration over all others for the PM would be to chose someone who is unlikely to take over.

The second, as we all know, is the ability to get along and be trusted.

And then comes competence.

By the way these factors are also mostly true for the corporate world as well.

So Gen. Bajwa's choice ticked all three.

He is known to be against Army interference in the civilian political sphere.

He is known to be an affable and easy to get along chap.

And he is also very competent.

Lt. Gen. Ishfaq Nadeem, from what one has read and heard, was apparently the brightest and professionally most sound.

But two things cost him the job.

He was perceived as the main architect behind GRS's earlier push, in h…

Can Pakistan survive Nawaz Sharif's corruption?

What is most scary about Pakistan's current situation, especially those NS supporters who pretend to be objective, is how we forget the basic fundamentals and the ability to sift obvious truth and dishonesty, good from evil.

Either we get bogged down or, deliberately bog down others in the minutae of nothingness and idiotic one liners and hyperventilated talk shows.

The key and fundamental issue facing our political leadership is about Nawaz Sharif being above board with his Panamagate.

This notwithstanding whether one is a supporter or not.

Just a simple issue of asking ourselves with all that we've heard and seen, whether this man should continue to serve as our Prime Minister.

It's not about the legal aspects of who is named and who is not named. It's not about the finer letter of the law. But it's about, morality, integrity and honesty. It's certainly not about Imran Khan and PTI.

A simple internal honest question to put to one's own self.

Is Nawaz Sha…

Calling off the Nov 2nd Dharna. Wise move?

I think IK took a wise and statesmanlike decision to call of the Dharna. Irrespective of the compulsions. Whether it be lack of support or him being hunkered down in Bani Gala or the SC ruling.

Whatever the compulsions he made the right choice and stopped the situation from getting out of control.

He did this knowing fully well the backlash from his own supporters and the derision from his political opponents.

One thing it showed was his willingness to forgo expediency and sacrifice his own credibility at the altar of issue based politics. A brave thing to do.

That's why I call it statesmanlike.  And not a U turn.

This was in complete contrast to good ole Nawaz Sharir who did not have the wisdom to back off and was willing to put the federation's unity at stake and risking near civil war and total anarchy just to save his backside.  The politics of Rana Sanaullah and mafia dons.

My peeve with Imran is that once the SC court gave the 1st November date, he should have postponed…