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The Pakistan Military - Civilian divide. A view.

Here's a quick gallop on the civilian military conundrum in Pakistan.

While we all know the challenges of our evolution as a nation state, we must remember that our institutions couldn't develop as strongly as India's, because they inherited the entire governance and institutional infrastructure of pre partition India, whilst we got odd bits and pieces and broken remnants.

We had to build everything afresh, except the military.

Thus, India inherited a mercantile -urban based strong civilian infrastructure embedded in its body politic, and centuries long legacy of urban political engagement.

Pakistan was another story.

Our political leadership, unlike India's, rose from an agrarian, feudal, tribal, jagirdari set up, without having sacrificed anything for the country.

All the public service administrators, in what later became West Pakistan, were either Hindu (70%), and even higher, in then, East Pakistan.

And those who were Muslims were mostly urban Urdu speaking, fro…

Putting Cyril Almeida on ECL- Patriotism or Fascism?

Putting Dawn journalist, Cyril Almeida on the ECL, by Nawaz Sharif, is an unfortunate and sad development of brow beating a newspaper and a journalist.
As I've stated earlier, Cyril is not known to make up things. One may disagree with his perspectives, as I often do, but to pressurize him by putting him on the ECL is as ham handed and stupid and idiotic an action as any, by whoever ordered it, military or civilian.
 And if I were a betting man, I would bet my last Rs. that eventually the trail would lead to Nawaz Sharif's grubby paws all over it!
Dawn is an eminent paper. It is a patriotic paper.  If it does have a position on the Army it doesn't mean it's anti state. I have defended and also criticised our Army, publicly and privately. This doesn't make one anti state or anti Army. 
In the past, Dawn has been at the forefront in fighting tyranny, dictators and exposing corruption. Don't please fall into this trap of giving a dog a bad name and hanging him.Wh…

Nawaz Sharif -Checkmating the Army ?

On Cyril Almeida's Dawn article, and the battle between Nawaz Sharif and the Army High Command.

Cyril's article and reports of changes in ISI are classic trial balloons by NS to test waters.

He's up to something very dirty and nasty. Raheel is currently  lame duck with a month to go. 4 General officers eyeing the COAS and CJSC posts. NS has everyone guessing his next moves. Totally Machavellian.

Army High Command at its weakest and most vulnerable and in my opinion, Nawaz Sharif checkmated, Raheel.

He had it all planned to start this anti Army thing when Raheel was lame duck just before his retirement.

All this time he took Raheel for a ride, by his sweet talk. And then the sudden lunge to attack and catch the Army, off guard. And the timing!

NS and Co have survived because of such tactics.  They waited and then baited when Raheel has just over a month to go to unleash their tactics.

I don't doubt the veracity of Cyril's article. And I'm pretty certain Shahba…