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On banning the MQM

Banning the party is not the answer. It will further enhance the perception of being persecuted and drive the hard core militants to violent reaction.

RAW sleeper cells will be activated. Criminal, terrorist and other ethnic groups will jump into the fray, taking advantage of this opportunity to pursue their ends through violent means.

Even now, given the current environment, there's the very real danger of a major terrorist attack on a soft target in Karachi and not by the MQM but others to put the blame on this party

We can all surmise that the vast majority of people who support the MQM do it for their Thana Kutchery Naukari needs as do others elsewhere in Pakistan.

The MQM militant group is no different to the private militias of our politicians to keep their supporters in check. Except it is huge and big and powerful and forced an entire ethnic group into a kind of bondage,  in the country's largest city.

Let's also not forget the MQM of Punjab, the PMLN with it'…

How the MQM became so powerful!

To understand why a party like MQM was able to get support from the pre dominantly Urdu speaking segments in Karachi one has to understand factors which pushed them towards this.

Karachi was traditionally anti establishment. Supporting Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah against Ayub in the 60's. In the 70's and 80's they supported the Jamat e Islami against PPP, because of the Sindhi dominance of PPP. They felt maginalized and threatened. Altaf and Co filled that leadership vacuum and garnered support with PPP being Sindhi supported and Pakhtuns under ANP.

They became very powerful and extremely influential and wealthy during General Musharraf's time acquiring great influence and power at the Federal and Provincial levels, even exercising influence on key military postings in Karachi. Whatever GPM's political compulsions this was one of his greatest blunders.

But back to the main argument.

A group coalsces around a leadership who is able to convince them that their rights, pr…

Altaf Hussain's lunacy. Madness or a planned drama gone wrong?

What appears to be an act of lunacy by Altaf and his henchmen is not what it appears.

In my opinion, It's a very well thought out strategy and plan to destablise a volatile phase.

If I was a conspiracy theorist I'd hazard that the PMLN dirty tricks brigade has something to do with this for several reasons.

I'd even venture that people like Rana Sanaullah, Pervez Rashid,  Saad Rafique etc, supported by the Zardari group of PPP with Rehman Malik Mastermind, may have something to with this. It's an opinion and an analysis, I don't have any facts.

Objectives could be to take pressure and focus off NS and Panama.

Dilute the impact of the Qasas and Ehtesaab movements.

Lure in Army to take drastic steps.  Become political martyrs. So many things swirling in my mind.

And finally our "friendly" neighbor fuelling opportunities to create "Occupied Kashmir" situations in Pakistan. Link this to their recent comments about Balochistan.

It certainly does not…

IK and TUQ. Ehtesaab and Qissas.

IK and TUQ.  Ehtesaab and Qissas.

Yes. Our Media does raise the rhetoric with hyperbole. But the fact is, that we do have a very very serious problem of poor and ineffective governance, rampant corruption and zero accountability.

All this stemming from a flawed electoral system which is easily manipulated and hijacked by a small coterie of people to further their own extremely narrow self interests. This allows them to perpetuate their stranglehold over governance power structures,  all state institutions,  and thereby acquiring more influence, wealth and power.

So our starting point has to be electoral reform to enable relatively more honest and competent people to come into positions of governance policy making, power and influence.

And hereunder some thoughts on electoral and governance reforms.

1. Part elections on Proportional representation.
2. Part through direct elections with Majorality win and not first pas the post.
3. Empowered and autonomous local government with full ad…