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An open letter to the Chief Justice of Pakistan

An open letter to the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

9th April 2016.

Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mohtarem Anwar Zaheer Jamali saheb

Assalaam Alaykum from a deeply concerned citizen of Pakistan, perhaps voicing the pain and anguish of millions of helpless Pakistanis.

Helpless, because our Prime Minister, has hijacked all instruments of state, it's administrative machinery, it's law enforcement agencies, it's lower judiciary, all its state run institutions and most sadly,  it's so called democratically elected parliamentary bodies.

Except for the Pakistan Army and perhaps the Supreme Court, everything and everybody of consequence is under the thumb of the Prime Minister and his cronies, both in and out of government. I have used the word "perhaps" for the Supreme Court, because the deathly silence from your quarter is both unnerving and scary.

Hence, we the people of Pakistan are not sure where you and your Honourable court stand on this issue of dayligh…