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Who will rid me of this meddlesome Priest? Murder Most Foul - Is this the start of a Shia - Sunni War?

"Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?"spoke King Henry II sometime in November 1170, about Thomas Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury. Becket was a deeply religious and ascetic person as well as someone who refused to endorse the King's religious desires. At one time the King's childhood mentor and close friend, but now arch foe, he was murdered in December 1170, by the King's henchmen.
Such type of thinking most likely prevailed in the corridors of the Saudi leadership and power structures of recent years as a means to rid them of "their meddlesome priest”, Shaikh Nimr Baqr al-Nimr. 
Sentenced to death in October 2014 on charges of "sedition, seeking foreign meddling, disobeying Saudi rulers and taking up arms against the security forces", a murder most foul was committed on 2nd January 2016 when Shaikh Nimr was executed by Saudi authorities.
Why would Saudi Arabia take such a step, especially now, and risk the ire of both friend and foe? An a…