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The Burning of the Ahmediyya Muslim's Factory in Pakistan

This demonic act of burning a factory owned by an Ahmediyya Muslim in Jehlum, Pakistan has its roots in Wahabiism and its associated thought propagated by the Al Saud since 1975 and fuelled by its oil wealth.

Many discount my perspective and attribute my repeated reference to the Al Saud being the root and main cause behind militancy and terrorism by so called Islamist groups, to my sect. I do not belong to any sect. In my view, any sect, Shia or Sunni, are as misguided as any other if they preach the mantra of my way or the highway. Any country be it Saudi Arabia or Iran, if it propagates terror and violence and extremism is to be held responsible. I have to date not found hard and substantial evidence against Iran but overwhelmingly against Saudi Arabia.

I'm sure Iran has its bag full of dirty tricks Brigades doing unsavory stuff across borders as does everybody from the USA to Zimbabwe and everybody in between. But never has Iran propagated a thought or an idea which preaches …

The Use and Abuse of Hadith. By Dr Muhammad Umar Farooq.

This article (not mine)  is a MUST READ for anyone interested in understanding how the instrument of Hadith has been used and abused by Muslim clerics to support their misogynist and intolerant version of the Islamic message.

It will also help us understand why terrorists like the ISIS and those subscribing to Saudi Arabia's Wahabi brand of Islam, from which the ISIS ideology emanated, and fuelled by their petro dollars have completely brainwashed the minds of many.

This is especially true of young Muslims in Europe and America who have been significantly misguided and in gross error think that their belief systems, mostly stemming from an "uncertain" Hadith literature, are part of Islamic teachings because of the very nature of uncertainty of knowledge from Ahadith, commonly used to justify their terrible acts.

Dr. Muhammad Umar Farooq, has done a tremendous service to Islam and humanity by writing this most insightful, highly research based intellectually rigorous piece.