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The Real Perpetrators Behind the Kuwait Mosque Suicide Attack and the Tunisian Massacre

The terribly tragic suicide bombing in a Kuwait Mosque and the horrific killings in Tunisia by the ISIS are evil portends of even more violence and bloodshed.

While the world mourns and condemn these horrors the real pepetrators of these crimes live in unbelievable comfort and obscene luxury in their palaces in Riyadh and other capitals of the Gulf.

Till we don't stop the source of massive funding of such thought from these palaces which  declares another sect Rafidhis and Kafirs, this madness will not go away.

I dread the day when mosques in Canada are taken over by hard line Wahabis and Salafis and their frog boiled counterparts the Deobandis as has happened in the USA and Europe.

The number of people, especially the young men of South Asian origin one sees in Toronto with the trademark scraggly Wahabi beards, the Arab Thobe and above ankle trousers streaming into mosques is a warning for things to come. This is where they are indoctrinated into violence and extremism.

This is …

Karachi's Heat Wave of Death. Sins of our Fathers

The Sins of our fathers and the Sins of our spinelessness.

The terrible tragedy unfolding in Karachi only makes sense as we realize the entire spectrum of non-governance.  Mis-governance or poor governance would actually be a compliment to the PMLN  and the PPP administrations in the Center and in Sindh.

Abdicating even the semblance of governance symbolism, the silence of these parties and their leaders in accepting responsibility, Nawaz, Shahbaz, Asif Zardari, Fat Vanishing cat Faryal Talpur, Skipper Tappi, is heart wrenching and heart breaking.

And the utter shamelessness and criminal neglect of Nawaz Shari'fs and Asif Zardaris toadies like Qaim Ali Shah, Khawaja Asif of the 'Koi Sharam Bhee Hothee Hay Koi Haya Bhi Hothee Hay" fame and that horrible imbecile from the gutters of Lahore Abid Sher Ali, tasked with solving the power crisis, that completely destroys me.

Sharam Ki bhee Koi Inthahaa Hothee Hay. Zaalimo

But what is even more and completely inexcusable and cr…