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President Morsi's death sentence....Unleashing an Evil Wind

President Morsi of Egypt was and is the legally elected President of Egypt.

While one can differ with his and his party's politics, but he and the Muslim Brotherhood had eschewed the path of violence and chosen the path of peace and democratic norms to acquire political power.

But this fragrant Spring in Egyptian politics was tragically short lived and cut short by Saudi Arabia.  Saudi Arabia, fearing the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and its effect in weakening and possibly losing the Al Saud hold on the land of Nejd and Hejaz, a bizarre phenomenon in itself, of a country named after a family, conspired with the USA to oust a legally elected government in a military coup and install a puppet regime complete with a pliant judiciary and all.

Gen Sisi, in a line of willing and shameless military dictators, using the might of the Egyptian Military, funded by Saudi Arabia and supported by the international might of the USA, did the Macbethian deed, and in that sowed the se…

The Terrible Tragedy of the Ismaili's killings in Karachi.

13th May 2015
The Terrible tragedy of the Ismaili's killing in Karachi. Cowardly. Dastardly. Shameful.

While we condemn this deed it is important once again to remind and understand who these people are, where and how did such thought start and who fuelled and financed this evil thought, that today these people can slaughter 143 children and women in Peshawar and now these poor innocent people in Karachi.
So here's the quick Time line. Ahmed Bin Hanbal first Sunni Imam to declare Shias and other Sunnis Kafir in the 9th Century. Next Ibn Tayymiah in the 12th Century who declared Jihad against Muslins as Ok. then Mohammad Ibn Wahab in 1744 and his terrible pact with the Al Saud Family of Saudi Arabia. Then the Muslim Brotherhood ideologues Syed Qutub his brother Mohammed Qutb and Mohammed Faraj who transformed this thought into a violent and militant Jihad. The latter two finding sanctuary in Saudi Arabia when they fled Nasser's Egypt after Syed Qutb was executed by Nasser in 1…