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The spineless Pakistani Nation and The Hypocrisy of France, the West & the Muslim World

The killings in France were tragic whoever the pepetrators.  Even more tragic and heartbreaking for us in Pakistan was the senseless mowing down of little children in their so neat little green and greys in Peshawar. Nobody has the right to take life.

Pakistan's schizophrenia and public hypocrisy had never been so starkly contrasted till after the French incident. After the Peshawar tragedy there was no call for a national rally to show resolve against the terrorists. The person who had kept the nation on tenterhooks for nearly 130 days, the one and only Dharna Khan, capable of this call, whimpered and mumbled and APC'd as did other political leaders.

It's now clear that on top of mind for Dharna Khan then were his nuptials as 130 mothers wept at their children's graves.

Only the MQM called for a public rally. A few hundred brave souls lead by Jibran Nasir picketed Abdul Aziz and Lal Mosque.

The rest was a deafening silence from 200 million spineless souls except for …