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On Ansar Abbasi Pakistan's self styled Self Righteous Crusader

23 April 2014. Haider Mehdi ( This is in response to AA article tiled I am a Hero, targeting the army and General Pervez Musharraf).  While I am not a Gen. Musharraf apologist, I very strongly refute the many completely false statements by Ansar Abbasi.
Ansar Abbasi lets his personal venom, masked as objective journalism, or an intelligent viewpoint or an an investigative report over whelm his writings and objectivity.
He tells outright lies, distorts facts, muddies the water, laces it with his poison and presents it as "investigative journalism". For example he had and has no shame in defending Arsalan Iftikhar or his monstrous father, simply because....and i do not want to say more.
Akber Bugti brought his own death by "literally taking up arms against the Country. he took every penny of the Sui gas royalty and never did anything for his people and or his region. Bugti became the Governor of Baluchistan, under ZAB in the 70's after ZAB dismissed Mufti Mahmood's…

Hamid Mir, ISI and ?? A list of Conspiracy theories

Hamid Mir, ISI and ?? A list of Conspiracy theories by Syed Haider Raza Mehdi – 25th April 2104
So all hell has broken loose in the Pakistani media and the country.
Now the facts as gleaned from public media. Hamid Mir, gets shot, at about 5:15 pm in Karachi, en route to GEO office in Karachi by unknown assailants, while travelling in a white Toyota Corolla Car which belongs to Hertz Rent a Car, its Pakistani franchise owned by Jehangir Siddiqui, related to Mir Shakeel ur Rehman by marriage, as it was turning off from the airport road to Shariah -e -Faisal.
Along with Hamid are the driver (don’t know if he is employed by HERTZ or Hamid Mir or GEO or ?). Also an armed body guard, also don’t know if employed by Hamid Mir, GEO or HERTZ or temporarily hired for the journey, or lent by somebody to provide protection or ?. No information whether guard fired back or made any attempt to do anything to stop the assailants
Assailant who is waiting on the right side of the road, fires on Hamid Mir, s…


Pakistan is beset by a perverted and sham form of so called democracy.
This version of sham democracy is actually an existential threat and allows the same old decrepit, discredited, deviants and corrupt jokers wearing different party colors back in power. If it’s not NS then its Terry Thomas! Or if not Rehman Malik, then that other masterpiece Rana Sanaullah and their likes.  All with nothing but their own personal self-interests, and the nation be damned!!. And this is how it happens.
In 2008 PPP got their 124 seats to become the largest party by getting just 13% of the eligible vote bank of 85 million voters.
PMLNs mandate of 91 seats came from a DISMAL 8.3 % of the Eligible votes. And PMLQ, got their 54 seats through 10% percent of the eligible votes. Yes they got more votes than PML (N). So the three largest parties got approx. 80% SEATS through 30% of the ELIGIBLE VOTE. 70% PERCENT PEOPLE REJECTED THEM either through non participation (60%) or voting for others (10%).
So really a…